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Craig Barthel

Born and raised in Eastern Montana, Craig learned firsthand the challenges of the homeless and specifically the chronic homeless as Executive Director of Saint Vincent de Paul and again as Site Director for the temporary low barrier shelter. Since January of 2022, he and his board have been working on a new nonprofit called Off The Streets.

Craig is looking forward to serving our chronically homeless population in carrying out the vision and mission of Off The Streets.  

Spending time with family, hanging out, hunting, camping and Sunday dinners are Craig’s favorite things.

Jeromy Emerling

Jeromy has served as Senior Pastor at First Christian Church in Billings, MT for the past 8 years. Prior to pastoring he spent his vocational life in non-profit leadership and faith-based community development work. He has also served as a professional non-profit consultant for several ministries around the country.

He is passionate about sustainable and transformational solutions for homelessness. He believes there is a tremendous need for a low barrier shelter in our community.

Jeromy loves to travel, both abroad and within the United States, is an avid outdoor enthusiast, and enjoys fly fishing, kayaking, backpacking, and family time.

Jim Mack

Jim is a semi-retired physician who has long been interested in the problem of homelessness. As a volunteer at St. Vincent de Paul, he has been privileged to learn, directly from members of the homeless community, about the root causes, challenges, and frustrations of life on the streets. He believes that the homeless and the sheltered communities of Billings have important things to teach each other and that “Most of our world’s social problems would be solved if we could see the glimmer of God in each other’s eyes.”

He brings to the Board his prior experience as a Board member for a charitable foundation focused on assisting disadvantaged populations in Southern California.

In his spare time, Jim enjoys reading, exercising, writing, and spending time with family and friends.

Janiel Olson

Janiel was born and raised in Billings. She currently works as a financial advisor at RBC Wealth. With a bachelor's degree in business management and a master's degree in health care management (both from MSU-Billings) she has the tools to provide sound management advice to the Board of Directors. Janiel was honored to be asked to be a part of OTS Board as Billings has been her home her entire life. She welcomes the opportunity to help navigate the needs of the homeless and the Billings community.

In her spare time, she enjoys being outside, camping, and spending time with her family and two dogs.

Ryan Starks 

Ryan is an equipment operator for the City of Billings. He brings a unique perspective to the OTS Board of Directors. His past homeless experience gives him a conviction to serve the homeless in Billings. Ryan says “I feel that God has called me to help the needy and poor in spirit.”

Married with two children, he likes hiking, Bible study, camping and family time. 

“What I like best about working with Off the Streets and in the non-profit world is that we are doing something different than the others in town and offering people encouragement on their path out of homelessness.”

“It’s hard to lay somewhere and get comfortable or get under a roof somewhere when it’s raining and have people come and attack you. It’s bad.”